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Electronic Design Services

PCB Design ServicesFirmware Development ServicesPCB Prototype ServicesPCB Manufacturing Services
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Electronic Quality Control Services

PCB Optical Inspection ServicesPCBA Testing ServicesElectronic Visual Inspection ServicesPCB Manufacturing Services

Our Electronic Design & Manufacturing Core Services


Electronic Architecture Design

Component Selection

Schematic Capture

PCB Design Layout



Embedded C

Embedded Linux

Code Optimization

FPGA Programming

App Programming


PCBA Prototyping

Functional Testing


Lab Testing & Certification


PCB & FPC Manufacturing

PCB Assembly

Firmware Loading

PCB Quality Control & Testing

Electronic Product Developpement in China: Design, Engineering, Prototyping and Manufacturing

We support Electronic Product Developpement, Engineering, Prototyping and Manufactring in China in order to accelerate time to market

We Develop Any Electronic Product imaginable

We can help you refine your concept, define the specification and move your product more rapidly and cost effectively through development to testing and production. Where we can help you

  • New Electronic Product Development / New Electronic Product Introduction.
  • Electrical Engineering Services.
  • Embedded Design / Firmware.
  • Printed Circuit Board Layout.
  • Turnkey Product Build / Manufacturing

About Us

PAG Electronics is your ideal partner for Electronic Product Development, Engineering and Manufacturing in China

PAG Electronics is specializing in end-to-end electronic product development and electronic product integration. Our development process is structured to deliver highly reliable electronic products for market introduction or update of legacy equipment. With decades of experience in multiple engineering disciplines and expertise in a wide range of technologies, we are practiced in designing innovative and cost-effective systems, devices, and controls.

  • Product Design

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  • Engineering

    Develop your product with our electronic and firmware engineering service,our mechanical engineering

  • Prototyping

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  • Testing & Certification

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  • Documentation

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  • Tooling

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  • Manufacturing

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