Prototype your electronic product before to enter the Mass Production phase


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Bring your Idea to Life with our Electronic Prototyping Services

A prototype is the first physical step in the electronic product development process and is the essential result of the design, development and certification combined all together. When we start to do prototyping, we take the existing concept on paper and transform it into its physical form with its application functions. It is an essential tool for us to evaluate the validity of the electronic design and how it would react to users.

Once a prototype has undergone all the required testing and validation, a first prototype also called the “golden sample” is used as a benchmark or the standard on which mass production will be based. The golden sample can be used for certification proposes by being sent to a third-party testing laboratory for CE, UL, FCC or ROHS marking and also used for proof of the viability of your project to your investors.

Aside from the evaluation of the validity and the user’s experience, we also build a prototype to ensure there is no risks before to enter into the mass production stage where a single mistake can cost you significantly. If it turns out that your prototype is not functioning as it should, modifications by looping back and engaging corrective actions are made. You can avoid unnecessary costs such as unfitting tooling for your product but also a loss of time.

Regarding electronic products, the prototyping phase includes two main prototyping activities:

  • Mechanical parts prototyping: plastic and metal parts
  • Electronic prototyping: PCB for hardware parts, embedded software for firmware parts

We can help you to realize your prototype to validate your engineering step and transit smoothly to tooling and manufacturing (attach pages related to these two), here (attach contact form).